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A Simple Meditation Technique for Relaxation 

* Start by lying comfortably on the floor with the palm of your hands by your side with palms facing down, your feet should be a few inches apart, eyes closed, adjust yourself into a comfortable position. 

* Let yourself quieting down for a few minutes adjusting your position if necessary, begin to notice your body in relation to the floor and begin to breathe deeply.

* When your breathing has become deep and relaxed begin to concentrate on your right foot, imagine it becoming heavy, tense your foot then let all the tension go from it.

* Move your thoughts up to you right calf, tensing the muscle then relaxing it while concentrating on letting all tension go from it, feel it become heavy and sink deeper into the floor.

* Work your way up your right leg tensing the muscles then relaxing then while continuing to breathe deeply.

* When you have reached your right thigh start back down at your left foot, tensing and releasing, feeling the muscles become heavy and work your way up your right leg to your thigh.

* Still breathing deeply and evenly tense your hips then release the tension feeling your lower body sink deeper into the floor as it becomes heavier.

* Tense and release the muscles in your stomach.

* Tense the muscles in your chest then release them.

* Clench your left hand then release the tension, feel it become heavy.

* Tense the muscles in your left upper arm and shoulder then release them.

* Clench your right hand and release the tension, feel it become heavy.

* Tense the muscles in your upper right arm and shoulder then release them.

* Tense the muscles in the neck then release them.

* Screw your face up with tension then let the tension fall from your face.

* Be aware of your body becoming heavier and all tension dissolving into the floor beneath you.

* Concentrate on your breathing be aware of how it feels entering through your nostrils, how it feels in your lungs and how it leaves your body through the mouth, if you find your attention wandering then gently bring it back to focusing on your breathing.

* Be aware of how relaxed and calm you feel when there is no tension within the body.

* Remain like this for as long as you feel comfortable, but be careful you don’t actually fall asleep.

* When you are ready to re enter society, slowly let out a deep breath, open your eyes and begin to bring your senses back to normality while trying to remain relaxed and at peace with yourself.

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